Nola justifikatu bideo marketin estrategia?

bideo infografia

It's not just anecdotal evidence that supports the use of video, it's the science of video that captures the attention and emotion of the viewer or subscriber. We've been pushing all of our clients to make the move to video and have been sprinkling them throughout their sites… from product explainer videos, to complex animations, to customer testimonials and common how-to's… videos continue to increase engagement and conversions on our clients' sites.

Bideoek% 74 handitzen dute bisitariek zure produktua edo zerbitzua ulertzen dutela irudiekin alderatuta, baina bisitariek zure produktua edo zerbitzua erosteko duten probabilitatea% 64an ere handitzen dute.

hau Quicksprout-en infografia walks through everything you need to justify your marketing investment in video. No longer are videos a 5-digit investment, either! It's not uncommon to have a professional, well-produced video for far less than $10k – even with voiceovers and animation.


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